Leaf Beaker Product Line

 High-Tech Cleaners, Degreasers & Lubes
Leaf Beaker High-Tech, Safe Chemical Treatment

Phase Cleaning

LB Rapid
High-Tech Eco Degreaser LB Rapid is a heavy-duty eco degreaser with rapid penetration and removal of oil, grease, tar, asphaltic, and bituminous soils.

LB Fleet
Specialty Vessel Cleaner
  LB Fleet is a high-tech vessel cleaner for trucks, buses, boats etc. Removes serious deposits, while being safe on paint.
 LB Final
High-Tech Final Phase Cleaner
   LB Final is a synthetic, dilutable, final phase cleaner designed to penetrate and lift oily soils and deposits from hard surfaces as well as capture H2S, mercaptans, and VOC’s.  
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Form Release

LB E-Z Hot
Specialty Hot-Mix Prep Cleaner
  LB E-Z Hot is a dilutable, natural hot-mix prep soap for barrier protection in field and hot mix form applications.
LB E-Z Wood
Specialty Wood Form Release Cleaner
  LB E-Z Wood is a dilutable, natural soap specialy formulated for concrete release on wood forms.
LB 3-Way
Premium All- Day Cleaning Release Lubricant  LB 3-Way is a new surface coating & cleaning lubricant designed to provide premium barrier protection and release of concrete, clay, & other aggregate materials. Dilutes up to 10:1.
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Specialty Cleaners

LB General
General Purpose Cleaner
LB General is a synthetic dilutable general purpose cleaner designed to lift oily soils and deposits from hard surfaces.
LB Foam
Specialty Degreasing Cleaner
  LB HD Foam is a concentrated, heavy-duty foaming cleaner & degreaser. Can be used in a large variety of applications. Rapid penetration and cleaning action.  Dilutes up to 128 : 1. 
LB Steam
Specialty Steam Cleaner   LB Steam is a powerful formula that demonstrates rapid penetration of soils in steam cleaning applications.

LB Floor
LB Floor Scrubber LB Floor is a triple-acting concentrated formula (dilutes up to 128 : 1). It rapidly cuts through grease, grit and dirt, while eliminating sulfur odors. Won’t create a slick surface, for improved safety conditions. Quick dry, free-rinsing, streak-free. Good for manual cleaning, pressure washer, or floor scrubber machine. Non-VOC, non-GMO. 1 Case ( 4 x 1 Gallon)

LB Stainless
Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner  LB Stainless is a revolutionary cleaning polish designed to clean and brighten stainless steel with a streak-free finish.
LB All- Surface
Specialty Universal Cleaner  LB All-Surface is an excellent cleaner for glass, mirror, countertops, hard floor, etc. Highly versatile, streak-free cleaner.
LB Citrus
Dual Citrus Degreaser   LB Citrus is a heavy-duty, active solvent-surfactant system and degreaser that was designed to penetrate and remove oil, grease, tar, asphaltic, and bituminous soils.  
LB Trap
Innovative Grease Trap Cleaner LB Trap formula includes a variety of specialty blended natural digesters and combinations of patented odor-control scavengers. Bio-Scavanging blends control solids and odorous compounds in wastewater applications. All- natural, non- toxic, and non-GMO. 1 Case ( 4 x 1 Gallon)
LB Parts
Triple Acting Degreasing Cleaner LB Parts is a heavy-duty fat, oil and grease cutter designed to rapidly cut through soils encountered in parts washers, floors, machines, work tables, and more. Eliminates odor with a patented Sul-free additive.

LB 365
Static-Spray System Cleaner LB 365 was specially developed to provide a readily- available formula for electro-static sprayer systems.  LB 365 competes with existing products’ results, efficiency and cost.

LB Surface Sanitizer
HD Surface Sanitizer   Our surface disinfectant completely cleans all hard substrates while eliminating 99.9% of all germs on contact. 4 x 1 Gallon /case.

LB Gun
Premium Gun Barrel Cleaner Bore cleaner so good it’s been sold to, and preferred by, professional U.S.A. marksmen. Non-VOC, non-GMO. 1 Case (20 x 16oz turret top)
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Site Troubleshooters

LB Porta
High-Tech Portable Toilet Treatment LB Porta is a specialty formula for bio-solids and H2S scavenging designed for portable toilet treatment.
LB Graffiti
Specialty Graffiti Remover LB Graffiti is a high-tech, heavy-duty cleaner for removing paint & graffiti deposits safely.
LB Graffiti Gel
Specialty Graffiti Remover   LB Graffiti Gel is a high-tech, heavy-duty cleaner for removing paint & graffiti deposits safely. Our gel formula allows extended- exposure application at difficult vantage points, etc. Great for roller application and hard-to-reach places.
Fat, Oil, & Grease Eliminator
  LB F.O.G is a new, unique, dilutable complex blend that acts as a disruptor of fats oils & grease structure. It also captures and breaks down odorous compounds at their source. You can watch a F.O.G log melt before your eyes in a bench test.
LB Scale
High-Tech Specialty Scale, Struvite, Mineral Eliminator
  LB Scale is a very exciting formula designed to completely, and efficiently, remove the Struvite mineral, among other deposits & scale. Like all LB products, it can be safely applied by workers, as it is a modified mild organic acid. You can watch a Struvite “rock” dissolve completely in a simple bench test.
LB Scale Foam
High-Tech Specialty Scale, Struvite, Mineral Eliminator  LB Scale is a very exciting formula designed to completely, and efficiently, remove the Struvite mineral, among other deposits & scale. Specialty foam formula for difficult applications needing extended exposure, that can’t be submerged.
LB Scavenger
H2S & Wastewater Treatment for Water Systems 
LB Scavenger is a unique, specialty formula of patented components to specifically eliminate dangerous H2S, and other acid gases. This symbiotic technology leaves healthy bacteria alone, unlike other treatment options, allowing your system to thrive naturally. This molecule regenerates in an aerated system, and can allow users to recycle certain components during operating. Various Concentrations Available. 


LB Hand Sanitizer
Triple Moisturizing Hand Cleanser LB Hand Sanitizer is a triple-emollient based gel made with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and top-grade Alcohol. Designed to keep your hands from cracking with regular use, this sanitizer eliminates 99.9% of all germs on contact. Available in both Gel and a Foam Formula.
LB Sanitizer Dispensers
Motion-Sensor Activated Dispensers LB Dispensers are premium motion-activated devices. Designs available for gel, and for foam sanitizers. Available in plastic and stainless steel finishes. Dispenser stands available.
LB Disinfectant Wipes
Alcohol Surface Sanitizing Wipes  LB Disinfectant Wipes sanitize surfaces while being safe on hands for repeated use. 750 wipes/ roll. Available in both surface sanitizers, and hand sanitizers.
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