Leaf Beaker is proud to be offering an exclusive line of concept-formulas specifically designed to improve our customers’ results, environmental conditions, bottom-line, and operator well-being. 

Providing Innovative Formulas to Markets in Need of 
New Product Standards

Leaf Beaker is a modern chemical technology company owned by Elizabeth Westlund,  a 3rd generation chemical blender with over 20 years of field and R&D experience. 

Leaf Beaker continually moves forward with the company mission to innovate the current standards of chemical treatment options.   LB products attack only what our customers are aiming to eliminate, while leaving their current systems, surfaces, and skin damage-free. 

No more hazardous acids, oxidizers, operation shut-downs, or expensive pipe replacement.  Eliminate your worries of regulations, and get better results while doing it!  

Leaf Beaker, Where Chemistry Comes By Nature™

Leaf Beaker is a chemical technology company that exclusively supplies innovative formulas;  providing more effective, safe, and cost competitive treatments to private and public sectors.   

Leaf Beaker, Where Chemistry Comes By Nature™

Products Are:

Leaf Beaker High-Tech, Safe Chemical Treatment

Status & Certifications:

NAICS: 325611, 325612 & 424690

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