New Demands, Bring New Product Standards…

Why hasn’t increased technological prowess been applied to industrial and municipal chemistry?  Why in the world is anyone still using oxiders and triazines?  

As health and environmental issues are at the forefront of concern and new state and federal regulations are constantly rolling out, the chemical treatment industry is one that should be utilizing and pursuing our modern-day technological advances.  

Providing Industry-Changing Formulas to Markets in Need of New Product Standards!

Leaf Beaker is leading the way into this new age of chemical ingenuity by exclusively providing the highest-quality formulas available.  By making these safe, more effective products available in a modern e-commerce format, we hope to make archaic, un-safe chemical treatments obsolete. 

Leaf Beaker is a distributor of cutting-edge chemical technology,  specializing in solutions for the public and private industrial sectors, with over 20 years of field experience and product research & development, L.B. is distributing unseen and cutting edge formulas. The most remarkable aspect of these products aside from being safer, is that they are designed to annihilate previously impossible and dangerous problems; such as H2S, Struvite, F.O.G, and Bio-Solids.  These stubborn issues, that have plagued industrial outfits since they were created, couldn’t even be eliminated by using the most dangerous acids or oxidizers.  Unlike the current, widely-used products, Leaf Beaker’s product arsenal is packed with formulas so reaction specific they destroy only what you’re aiming to eliminate, while leaving all surfaces (and skin) damage-free.

No more hazardous acids and oxidizers, or operation shut-downs, and expensive pipe replacement. Eliminate your worries of any government regulations and get better results while doing it!  HAZ-MAT-no-more!

Leaf Beaker

 Is a California-based company supplying the conceptually advanced, up-and-coming technology and innovating within the chemical treatment industry.


Leaf Beaker Products Are:

  • Proven to Maximize Efficiency
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Safe To Handle
  • Economically Competitive

Leaf Beaker Status:

  • DGS SB Certificate #: 2014304
  • SBA WOSB Certified
  • SBA EDWOSB Certified
  • SAM Registered

See For Yourself!

All of our products have samples available for bench tests, etc.  Simply select your product and scroll to “8oz Sample” size.

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