Leaf Beaker™ is a modern chemical technology company supplying conceptually advanced formulas for all sectors.


No more hazardous acids, oxidizers, timely operation shut-downs, and expensive pipe replacement.  Eliminate your company’s worry of regulations, while getting better results!


Providing the newest innovation of chemical products on the market.


High- tech cleaners, lubes, & degreasers

Leaf Beaker™ supplies an extensive line of products that will safely clean, lube, or degrease any surface, no matter what the “dirty job” is.  From rapid Sub-Floor Adhesive Remover to Stainless Steel All-in-One Clean & Polish, we’ve got you covered.

Specialty MULTI-Phase

Leaf Beaker™ products include specialty hot mix and form release features,  making cleaning a breeze after a concrete or paving & grading job.  Get any tool, machine, or rig as good as new. 

Scale, odor, F.O.G

Leaf Beaker™ supplies cutting-edge solutions for previously believed “impossible” job site problems such as Fat, Oil, & Grease logs, Struvite Mineral blockages, or the presence of harmful H2S & Acid Gas.  Keep operations moving.

Exclusive eco-solutions for your industry needs.

Need to Discuss Product Options for a Specific Issue?